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What's this about

This is a manual about Aternos. It describes how you can get your server and how you can use it. If you have a question first look at this manual and then ask the support. Thanks!
Notice: This page uses Javascript and it must be enabled or you won't be able to sign up or anything else.

Sign up

The biggest step to your server is it to sign up. For this click on the top right of this page on the arrow down button and after that on "Sign up". Fill the form which will popup. You will get direct feedback if your values are valid. The "Sign up" button will be clickable if everything is valid. Please enter an e-mail address you own, because you will have to activate your account with it. Actually this e-mail isn't very beautiful but it does its job. We haved registered a bug in Firefox 20, it blocks because of security reasons the redirection to the main page. But your account is activated. Just go to the main page manually.


You can login after you have activated your e-mail address. Just click on Login in the same menu as the sign up. Your password is hashed and salted so feel safe. We use the cookies to save your login. Please activate cookies.

Create your server

We are nearly done! You are just two clicks away of your server. The creation of a server is very easy. Just go in the usermenu on the top right and click on "Create Server". There will be created a folder with your server and you will be forwarded to the webinterface.

Configure the server

Now you can configure some basic settings of your server. I think most of them are self explanatory. You should know that every server is automatically protected by a whitelist. When you use the server for private purposes only you will not need anything else. For the options which are changed in the (dropdown menus) you will need to restart your server if its running. White- and OPlist are edited directly. If you add somebody ingame with the command you can also refresh the list with the refresh button.

Start you server

Starting your server is just one click on the start button. It may take a few seconds until you can join so be patient before panic. We don't have unlimited RAM and CPU so the servers which can run at the same time are limited. You can see a self updating status on the home page. But if there's enough space for your server it will be started and you can play on it. If you are done with playing with your friendsit would be very nice if you directly stop the server so that other users can start their server. Otherwise the server will be stopped very soon.

Server crashed?

First keep calm it's not so bad as you think. We are saving your world every 5 minutes so there will only be a loss of maximal 5 minutes. Just hit the stop button in the webinterface and wait a bit. We have an automatism which tries to stop the server 3 times. If this fails it will kill the process and you can start your server again. This will need maximum 30 seconds.

Need help?

If you have a problem which is not solved in this manual check the support status at the top right of the page under the user menu. If the "Site consultant" is online hit this banner and a chat window will open. You will get Support soon.

Beta Test Bug reporting

If you find a bug you can report it in our bugtracker. You will find a direct link to the creation of a report in your user menu.

We wish you lots of fun on Aternos!